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Emoco is an automation solution provider. We assist people, companies and organizations in the automation transformation.

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The Emoco platform at a glance


Program your automation using the built-in code editor. Execute and monitor the output.


Configure your automation setup with initial params and use sliders to tweak them live.


Monitor the system by setting up dashboards with plots, gauges or raw data viewers.


Hook up to shared robots and collaborate on the development. Use the knowledge base to capitalize on the shared experience of the community.


Market your own hardware and software products and become a contributor to the automation ecosystem.

ROS 2 based interaction

Emoco embraces the ROS (Robot Operating System) 2 standard for all hardware and software components to ensure interoperability with the global ecosystem.

Web based IDE

Emoco Studio is the web based IDE that powers the Emoco platform. It features everything needed to program, configure and monitor the automation setup like code editor, terminal, sliders, gauges and more.

  • Code Editor
  • Program Runner/Log Viewer
  • File Browser
  • Terminal
  • Plots
  • Gauges
  • Raw message viewer
  • Configuration Slider
  • Video Sharing/Viewing
Emoco Studio

Autonomous Electric Agricultural Automation

Emoco provides autonomous, electric mobile platforms for field operation targeting a multitude of appliancies in the agricultural area.

The Stockholm Lab

At the lab in Stockholm we innovate and develop automation related software and hardware. We are a contributor to the Emoco eco system. Software development span from cloud based micro services to embedded motor algorithms. Motion control parts and arrangements are developed and tested in the lab together with partners. Emoco supports products and services ranging from education, lab setups to industrial applications.

Are you looking for a thesis project? We have several suggestions but we are also open for your suggestion.

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