Do your thesis at Emoco Labs

Emoco Labs is looking for engineering students who study a bachelor or a master within electrical engineering, computer science or similar that are interested in doing their thesis project at our automation lab.

The thesis project shall focus on robot navigation, servo motors, kinematics, real time network or security.

Examples of thesis subjects:

  • Use SLAM to navigate and localize a robot fusing multiple sensors. Evaluate combination of sensors to get better estimates over time such as IMU, RGB-D camera, LiDAR, ToF sensors or Sonar.
  • New demand on light weight robots both in mobile and stationary Cobots require new servo motor technology. Evaluate, calculate and test new possible topologies.
  • Time sensitive networks (TSN) enable distributed controls with synchronized clocks down to nano second resolution. Evaluate and analyze a system of distributed nodes that are synchronized with the standards that TSN offers.

Suitable skills and education: We are searching for you who are studying robotics, electrical, mechatronics on bachelor or master level. Experience working with python and ROS2 is advantageous.

Do you have an idea? We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on what type of thesis work would be of interest for both you and Emoco. We are open for two students working jointly on a common thesis as well as one student working alone.

How to apply: Please send in your application with CV in the form below.

Start date of the thesis project is flexible.

For questions regarding the thesis project please contact: